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BeClarified Dental Practice Management Software Features

Seamless Appointment Scheduling & Management

BeClarified keeps your schedule fully booked and reduces no-shows. Lets you track your follow-up appointments and increase patient retention. Lets your patients confirm their appointments online through WhatsApp or SMS notifications. Once confirmed, the appointments' status is automatically updated in BeClarified schedule. Customize appointment block colours and sections to match your clinic's needs, Easily access patient files, billing & invoices through the calendar. Minimize errors with simple activity logs and more.

BeClarified Appointment Scheduling & Management BeClarified Appointment Scheduling & Management

Business Assistant & Analytics

BeClarified Business assistant helps you spot the missing opportunities, incomplete treatment plans, group potential clients and retarget them with customized offers to increase profitability and establish loyality programs. Easily see a complete history of all invoices and payments in the patient's file, financial reporting of daily resources or production associated with a specific referring dentist and more.

BeClarified Business Assistant & Analytics BeClarified Business Assistant & Analytics

Effortless Treatment Planning & Presentation (EHR)

BeClarified has a 3D fully customizable dental chart to improve case presentations, customize your notes and automate follow-ups. Access all patient information in one view including a completely integrated file history.

BeClarified Treatment Planning and EHR BeClarified Treatment Planning and EHR

Boost your reputation

Patient management tools help you build your reputation and attract new patients. Send patients a link upon checkout asking them to leave a review for you buisness online.

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